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Sellaronda Skimarathon 2017
02 november 2016
  • Registration for the 650 teams expected will open on the 3rd January

There are still quite a few months left before the start of the 22nd edition of the Sellaronda Skimarathon, but the first snowflakes up high have changed the appearance of the mountains which acts as a background to the queen of all ski mountaineering night races. Therefore it comes natural to project one’s thoughts into the future, more precisely to Friday 24th March at 6 pm, when from Arabba in the province of Belluno, 1300 Sellaronda athletes will set off. Four difficult Dolomite passes, Pordoi, Sella, Gardena, and Campolongo, 42 kilometres of total distance and 2700 metres of vertical height gain. The Sellaronda Skimarathon represents an evolution in modern ski mountaineering, the first editions, won by Fabio Meraldi and Chicco Pedrini brought that pioneering spirit to these 42 kilometres which have helped ski mountaineering stand out during the nineties.  Very careful research was undertaken in modifying racing gear making everything much lighter while a romantic spirit transpired in the faces of the few dozen teams competing.  As each edition went by, the sport evolved and with it the way of competing. Twenty years on from those first incredible editions equipment represents the best that technological research expresses in terms of safety and its lightweight gear. From athletes, top skiers and those who simply enjoy being part of the group, nothing is left simply to chance, there is a continuous search in finding the ideal mix between training and equipment. In these twenty one editions all the champions of international ski mountaineering have had the desire to take part in this long and fascinating race surrounded by the four Dolomite passes, Sella, Gardena, Campolongo and Pordoi. As well as the previously mentioned Fabio Meraldi and Chicco Pedrini,

  champions of the likes of Omar Oprandi, Luciano Fosco, Graziano Boscacci, Ivan Murada, Carlo Battel, Luca Negroni, Jean Pellissier, Franco Nicolini, Camillo Vescovo, Hansjoerg Lunger, Alberto Gerardini, Guido Giacomelli, Alain Seletto, Tony Sbalby, Michele Boscacci, Lorenzo Holzknecht, Tadei Pivk, Dennis Brunod, Pietro Lanfranchi, Anton Palzer, and Damiano Lenzi have inscribed their name in the Sellaronda Skimarathon hall of fame. Excellent placings were also made by Manfred Reichegger, Kilian Jornet Burgada, Florent Troillet, and Nejc Kuhar. Among the women Carla Jellici, Orietta Calliari, Roberta Secco, Bice Bones, Karin Pizzinini, Roberta Pedranzini, Francesca Martinelli, Cristina Pizzinini, Michela Rizzi, Iori Silvana, Raffaella Rossi, Bianca Balzarini, Corinna Ghirardi, Mireia Mirò, Annemarie Gross, Maddalena Weger, Fabiana Battel, and Roberta Croce have made this race’s history. In the special ranking “All time best” Fabio Meraldi dominates with six victories while among the women Bormio’s athlete Francesca Martinelli stands out. For 2017 the committee has introduced a special ranking for “mixed teams”. A chance to race as father and daughter, mother and son, grandparent with a grandson/daughter, sister and brother, husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend and obviously among friends. The first appointment in relation to the 22nd edition will be the opening of registration for all national teams fixed for the 3rd January. The international teams can register from Tuesday 10th January. The maximum number of teams set by the organizing committee is of 650 teams divided into 300 national teams, 250 international teams and 100 teams reserved as last choices by the Organizing Committee.

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Edizione 2019
14 aprile 2018
La 24^ edizione del Sellaronda Skimarathon partirà a Selva di Val Gardena il 22 marzo del 2019.


Ein Monat ist nun vergangen seit dem diesjährigen Sieg der Schweizer Martin Anthamatten und Werner Marti mit der Zeit von 3h:04'31"...


A month has past since the victory of the Swiss athletes Martin Anthamatten and Werner Marti with the record breaking time of 3h:04'31"...


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Sellaronda Skimarathon 2017
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Sellaronda Skimarathon 2017
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Sellaronda Skimarathon 2017
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20 anni di Sellarona Skimarathon

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20 Jahre Sellarona Skimarathon

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