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Supersonic Sellaronda
15 march 2014
  • With the victories of Tadei Pivk-Pietro Lanfranchi and Francesca Martinelli-Roberta Pedranzini new course records were set. A starlit sky, perfect temperatures and a huge audience cheered on the 600 teams throughout the competition.

Supersonic Sellaronda.
With the victories of Tadei Pivk-Pietro Lanfranchi and Francesca Martinelli-Roberta Pedranzini new course records were set. A starlit sky, perfect temperatures and a huge audience cheered on the 600 teams throughout the competition.
From the very early hours of the afternoon Canazei’s city centre prepared itself to host the 1200 Sellaronda athletes who arrived from all over Italy and Europe. The start was staggered in two different moments to control the flow of participants heading towards the first timekeeping point at Lupo Bianco, heading towards the Sella Pass. The evening programme is known and feared by all competitors, 42 kilometres and 2800 meters of vertical height gain, strength and intelligence are required to tackle the four Dolomite passes of Gardena, Sella, Campolongo and Pordoi.
During the first part of the competition none of the favourite teams to win, Manfred Reichegger and Lorenzo Hozknecht, Damiano Lenzi and Anton Palzer and Pietro Lanfranchi and Tadei Pivk put their cards on the table, in fact throughout the first ascent the athletes kept checking each other out, studying each move. Along the second ascent to Gardena Pass, the athletes alternated lead, knowing that the race’s decisive moment would come only on the last pass, Pordoi. Due to the course’s ideal conditions, the probable winners were already thinking of a course record.
At the half way mark in Corvara the three front teams were still all together, followed a few minutes later by the following teams: Thomas Martini-Thomas Trettel, Davide Galizzi-Federico Nicolini and Filippo Barazzuol-Franco Collè. In Val Badia the audience cheered on the first lady’s team: Francesco Martinelli and Roberta Pedranzini from Bormio, while Cecilia De Filippo and Martina De Silvestro transited in second position. While third place was being fought out between Maria Lucia Moraschinelli-Anna Moraschietti and Dimitra Theocharis and Federica Osles. Along the Campolongo ascent Lorenzo Holzknecht tied Manfred Reichegger in with a rope and they forced the pace a little bit, gaining a few metres over Lenzi-Palzer and Lanfranchi and Pivk.
While those at home were able to follow the competition by watching the live coverage of the event on internet via streaming,

  the tension was palpable in Canazei as the audience waited for the first team to cross the finish line. Down Campolongo’s descent Lanfranchi and Pivk gained a few seconds and sat ahead at the transition point in Arabba. Pivk clipped Lanfranchi in with a rope and climbed up at an impressive rate. It’s as if the following team just could not keep up, the victory of the nineteenth edition of the Sellaronda was in the hands of Pivk and Lanfranchi. The gate keepers at Passo Pordoi’s check point announced by radio that the leaders had an almost 3 minute advantage over Reichegger-Holzknecht and Lenzi-Palzer. The two leaders flew down from Passo Pordoi towards the finish line situated right in Canazei’s city centre, their descent was safe and super fast. Pivk and Lanfranchi crossed the finish line with their hands in the air and were welcomed with deafening cheers. Their time 3:06’14” is now the new course record. After 3’06” Reichegger-Holzknecht satisfied with their second position, crossed the line, while Lenzi-Palzer came in third position in a time of 3:09’53’’. Thomas Martini and Thomas Trettel were fourth, while Filippo Barazzuol and Franco Collè came in fifth. The team made up by Davide Galizzi and Federico Nicoloni came in sixth position.
In the women’s field Francesca Martinelli and Roberto Pedranzini never encountered any great difficulties, behind them Cecilia De Filippo and Martina De Silvestro and Maria Lucia Moraschinelli and Anna Moraschietti battled it out for the remaining positions. Nothing changed along the last ascent, the advantage was unvaried and the two athletes from Bormio crossed the finish line solo stopping the time at 3:52’21”. It is a record for them too. In second position two minutes later the team made up by Cecilia De Filippo and Martina De Silvestro skied in. After a great competition, always charging, Lucia Moraschinelli and Anna Moraschietti in a time of 4:16’46” crossed the finish line in third position.
On this nineteenth edition three records have been beaten on this perfect night, the first two records were course records, while the third record is based on the number of starting athletes for a ski-mountaineering competition.
To emphasise just how important this record is, the talent of the athletes and the speed of this course, the first four teams all came in under the previous record set by Guido Giacomelli and Lunger Hansjoerg (3:15’07”) in 2009. Many Sellaronda athletes watched their final time as they crossed the finish line in Canazei and celebrated when setting their personal best time, our praise go out to them as well!

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