Frequent questions:

  1. Why are only 2/3 of the registration reimbursed?
    - We believe that any competitor when registering to take part in the Sellaronda Skimarathon must take into account the risk of cancellation.
    - The remaining part is used to sustain the costs of managing the race throughout the year, and it will guarantee the next edition.
    - Article 11 of the regulation does not foresee a refund.
  2. Can we save our registration for the next edition?
    - No. We prefer to start again from scratch, because after a year many teams could change and this would mean extra admin work for us.
  3. Can we receive the race gadgets by turning down the refund?
    - No, this would only have been possible if the Sellaronda had been cancelled on race day.
  4. When and where can we ask for the refund?
    - It is possible to ask for the refund from 01.04.2020 until 30.04.2020.
    - You will have to fill in the form found on the website on the page “registration”.
  5. What information must I fill in on the form for the refund?
    - Surnames of the Team registered
    - Personal data of the applicant
    - Data of your bank
    - Bank account number (Swift code only for foreigners).

The bank account number must correspond to the team member who is asking for the refund.
The refunds will be carried out weekly on a first come first served basis as well as being verified by our admin office.

Form to request a refund (from 01/04/2020 to 30/04/2020)

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